Grades 7-12 are welcome on Sunday mornings during the message to meet with Pastor Josh and other students to make connections and learn how to
point our lives toward Jesus.

Our High school bible study is still meeting on Tuesday nights but we've moved it a little earlier with the start of the school year.  We now start at 7pm
with Taco Bell afterwards so we're typically finished by 9 pm.

If you are a student or are the parent of a student and have questions or would like to receive the current parent newsletter...e-mail:, and I'll be happy to answer anything you might want to know!

NEXT EVENT:  October 8th is Sling Shot paintball day right after church with a bonfire and dinner at 4pm.  Students are responsible to get their own slingshot and paintballs (Probably a total of $20-25).  We will be playing at the Lallathin's House which is across the street from Key Church.  Please purchase the sling shot and paintballs soon as they tend to be bought out fairly quickly.