The Key To My Father’s House Church was established on June, 2002 by a group of families who were involved in a small group for several years.  Through a lot of prayer, they felt God leading them to start a new church that provided a warm, loving and caring environment in which they could share the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.  God blessed and honored their efforts as the church began to evolve and grow, opening doors they never thought possible.  This church exists today to accept people from all walks of life who want to learn more about God and the amazing impact He has for each of our lives. Don't wait or hesitate another Sunday....join us this week and experience a loving family of people who are following  God's plan to make an impact not only in Wadsworth, but across the street and around the world!  Since our inception, we have remained focused on our mission and vision that you will find below:  


Our Mission
To share the unconditional love of Jesus Christ

Our Vision

To welcome all people into the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, equip them with a faith that works in everyday life and send them into the world to serve and share in His name.

Our Strategy

Worship - To worship God with our whole life
Relationship - To grow in relationships with God and others
Maturity - To grow to maturity in our spiritual life
Ministry - To find a place to serve in ministry
Mission - To accept your mission of sharing Christ

Our Core Values

Commitment:   To a lifestyle that lifts up Christ
Integrity:   In living out our faith, ministries and mission
Passion:   Is the driving force in all we do
Relevance:  To remain faithful to God’s Word while adapting our methods to reach a changing world