Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

Key Kids are our first priority! Our goal is to make each classroom a safe, inviting, and fun experience to help your kiddo learn more about Jesus. Church should be something our kids love and look forward to each week. Read below to catch a vision for our children’s ministry.

1. Safety

We know that your kids are your most precious possessions and we take our responsibility to care for them very seriously. Each Key Kids worker is background checked and screened through our staff to make sure they are a good fit. In addition, our security team ensures that only the right people are in the kid’s zones. You will also be asked to sign your kiddo in and out to add yet another level of security.

2. Inviting

We want your whole family to feel welcome and excited to be at Key Church! Our energetic staff greets our kiddos every week and works hard to build meaningful relationships. We keep our classrooms clean, warm, and up- to-date!

3. Fun

At Key Church, we are all about having fun and that includes our kids! We believe that learning about Jesus can be fun and Sunday mornings are more than just babysitting or a strict school setting. We love teaching about Jesus in fun, interactive ways that apply real lessons to kids’ lives at every age level. Church should be an exciting experience and something our kids look forward to each week!

  • Nursery- Infant to 3 years
  • Little Kids- Pre-school – Kindergarten
  • Big Kids- 1st – 6th grade
  • Second Story- Middle & High School Ministries. Click here for more info about second story